Hino 500 Gasket set – Price + GST

Brand new direct fit OEM gaskets set. to fit Hino 500 series



Hino 500 DPF gaskets

Price + GST

Brand new direct fit OEM replacement DPF gaskets, to suit Hino 500 series

These product is made by the Original Equipment manufacturer

If you have any doubt regarding the suitability of this product for your vehicle, then we advise you to identify the vehicle’s VIN number, manufacturer, model and engine code and then contact our experienced support staff to discuss the suitability for your vehicle. It is advised that the vehicle be checked by a reputable qualified mechanic or automotive professional to confirm that the DPF  is the problem before you purchase a new unit. The unit requires fitting by a trained professional because Emission Components on modern vehicles require specialized tooling to be replaced correctly. We have a Large range of quality DPF’s available. If you can’t find what you are after please send us an email with your VIN number – manufacturer – model and engine code and we will find exactly what you need from our range of over 200 different models.


Please note that unlike many online and imported diesel particulate filters, the filter substrate on our products is full size to comply with Australian Design Rules (ADRs) under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989. Following Euro emissions standards. Euro standards are recognized as the only truly international standards for vehicles under the World Trade Organisation rules, to which Australia is a signatory.