DPF Sales & Service Australia

Designed and developed for Australian and New Zealand vehicles

DPF Sales and Service Australia supply an extensive range of exhaust after treatment products. Including our Rhino Quality Parts with full product support. Our state-of-the-art servicing system can safely recover most types of Exhaust After Treatment Systems across all industry sectors. As Western Australia’s only locally owned and operated DPF Recovery and Supply Company, we specialise in experience based and cost-effective solutions.

Call (08) 63715039 for DPF Sales and Service Australia.

DPF Sales & Service
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DPF Filters

  • Recovery Of Diesel Particulate Filters & Diesel Catalysts
    - All Makes
    - All Models
    - Across all Industry Sectors
  • Fraction of the cost of replacement
  • We do a thorough Internal Inspection for any evidence of damage to the substrate.
  • All Serviced units are back pressure and flow tested during the cleaning process.



If you are sending a DPF for Cleanning or require a quote on a new Diesel Particulate Filter. Please click on the link to the right to complete the form and we will respond immediately.