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Our experienced team are leading suppliers of quality aftermarket Exhaust After Treatment Systems for diesel engine exhaust systems.
We have developed a unique range of exhaust after treatment products that are a direct replacement, specifically designed to utilise OEM gaskets, sensors and fittings, ensuring no modifications are needed when fitting our products and giving customer satisfaction every time.
We offer an experienced based and cost-effective solution with every purchase of one of our products with customer service being of highest priority.

Our Products

We are proud to supply an extensive range of exhaust after treatment products. Rhino Quality Parts are manufactured overseas but designed and developed by our highly experienced team members at our Western Australia facility. All our products are extensively tested, and quality control is conducted by our staff with our in-house state-of-the-art testing equipment.

The initial design stage of any new product requires comprehensive CAD drawings to ensure accurate fit to the vehicle, eliminating the need for alterations. Samples are produced to test back pressure, air flow and fitment. Extensive in vehicle testing and operation is the final stage before production, and this ensures our aftermarket product meets or excels all OEM requirements.

Regular visits to our manufacturer’s are scheduled throughout the year. This time is used to discuss and inspect existing orders and ensure quality control standards are being met.

This collaboration on new product development and the time spent by our qualified staff, ensures a high-quality product is supplied every time. Further quality control methods are employed when the products arrive in Australia and prior to final packing.

Why Choose Us

Diesel engine use is growing rapidly with already high numbers currently in Australia and New Zealand. This growing market will see the need for quality aftermarket products to be supplied at competitive prices in larger quantities as years go by.

Our team is committed to working with our customers to meet tomorrow’s needs. Our highest priority and focus is to be at the forefront of development and to supply high quality exhaust after treatment products to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Our product range is always expanding and meeting the growing demand for passenger vehicles, light commercial, heavy vehicles and off-road equipment.

Give us a call if you have a need for a new product and we will happily assist.
If you are unable to find the correct part from our range, please contact us directly. We have access to over 400 different products from our reputable quality suppliers.

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